Recent restaurants – Teela Taqueria, Tsunami Taqueria, Stoney River

So, I don’t believe in cooking for 1, so I’ll be eating out a lot more now that I’m single again. The one exception will be that I am going to learn to cook very expensive fish, and also developing vegetarian recipes for devoted carnivores. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, I have had some interesting meals at Atlanta area restaurants, and I want to share my thoughts. Not interested in my thoughts? Stumble now 🙂
Stoney River steaks: Yeah, it’s a chain. Slightly more expensive than your Longhorn but the ambiance and service were a lot nicer. Their standard rub contains rosemary, but they’ll leave it off if you ask. While it was not overpowering, I thought it was unnecessary, as the steak itself was large, well-trimmed, and properly cooked medium-rare. The potato choices? Meh on the gratin. Next time, I will have a straight up baked potato. It’s really the perfect foil for a nice steak. And they actually had an albarino on the wine menu. Albeit pricey. (Don’t hate on me for drinking white with steak.)
Next up: after a photo exhibition, we went to Tsunami Taqueria. This is almost identical to favorite Teela Taqueria, but way hipper and louder. While Teela seems to cater to people my age. Tsunami was mostly populated by twenty-somethings on dates and in fairly big groups. Both places serve individual tacos for $3-4, making for a fun, inexpensive dinner. I actually favor Teela’s food over Tsunami’s, but if I was young and out for before/after drinking fare in Buckhead, Tsunami would be a winner.


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